Canada's forest products sector is part of the solution.
See what the forest industry is doing to help caribou.
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Factors influencing caribou decline are complex
A solution to promote caribou recovery will require collaborative efforts which incorporate new knowledge
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1 million jobs
The forest products industry supports nearly 1 million direct and indirect jobs in communities across Canada.
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I support a plan that helps caribou and keeps our Canadian forestry industry strong.

We must find solutions to support caribou that incorporate most current science and knowledge and consider all factors impacting their populations. Take action now. Use the buttons below to tell Ottawa that we need the right plan for caribou – one that supports caribou and doesn’t unnecessarily put thousands of families at risk across rural and northern Canada.

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Sustainable Forestry: It's a Canadian Thing
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Climate Change and Caribou
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Jobs in Rural and Northern Canada
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The Facts:

Forests are complex ecosystems
Our forests are complex ecosystems with multiple species and a changing climate – numerous factors are contributing to declining caribou
The forest products sector in Canada is subject to among the most rigorous rules and regulations in the world and we manage the largest number of third-party certified and audited forests on the planet.  Sustainability and supporting biodiversity is central to everything we do.
Climate Change is impacting predator-prey dynamics
Our warmer climate is resulting in changes in habitat that favour deer and other species vulnerable to predators like wolves and bears. This increases predator risks to caribou, and facilitates the spread of pathogens and disease.
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Join thousands of Canadians and tell your local MP right now that you support a caribou plan that addresses the complexity of the caribou issue and considers the socio-economic implications of any policy changes and implementation.

Use the form below to send a letter to your local representatives, telling them that you support a plan that integrates new knowledge, incorporates climate change impacts and ensures that our forest sector remains strong.