Creating Jobs

See how many jobs the forest products industry creates in communities across Canada

Good Jobs in Rural and Northern Canada

Our sector is one of Canada’s largest employers, operating in over 600 forest-dependent communities - most of them in smaller rural and northern communities where good job opportunities are more limited. We directly employ over 230,000 Canadians and another 700,000+ Canadians benefit indirectly from a vibrant forest products sector.

People across the country

In communities from Prince George, B.C. to Corner Brook, Newfoundland, jobs in Canadian forestry are often the backbone of the local economy.

As the federal government focuses on its priority of supporting and growing the middle class, it need look no further than to Canada’s forestry workers.

Caribou plans that do not consider socioeconomic factors could put thousands of jobs at risk in communities that cannot afford to lose them.

Once mills close, they rarely reopen.  The impacts of mill closures in communities that have few other job options can absolutely devastate communities.  In addition to the stresses on families, home values fall and rural municipal tax bases suffer. 

It is important for governments to consult and consider all of the potential impacts – and ensure that a thorough socio-economic analysis is completed for all affected regions in order to evaluate policy impacts before making any final decisions.

Join thousands of Canadians and tell your local MP right now that nearly 1 million Canadians count on the forest sector for employment

There is too much at stake for rushed plans that won't work and will hurt local economies. Use the form below to send a letter right now to your local representatives, telling them that you support the right plan for caribou that also makes sure our forest products industry remains strong.