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“We found that woodland caribou in Ontario are sensitive to changes in climate and forecasted that an average of 95% of Ontario’s native woodland caribou could become extirpated by 2070. […] This underscores the importance of mitigating greenhouse gases as a means to protect this iconic species.” - Sara Masood and collaborators, 2017

“In complex systems with many predator species, alternative prey, and a diversity of human activities, it is becoming increasingly clear that single recovery measures will not recover caribou but that multiple levers must be applied simultaneously.” - Dr. Robert Serrouya, University of Alberta and collaborators, 2016

“Canada's Species-at-Risk Act (SARA) aims to recover all of Canada's woodland caribou populations, but ignores the huge economic costs of habitat protection and feasibility of achieving this goal.” - Mark Hebblewhite, Wildlife Biology Program at University of Montana